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Tina Andrews Size 20 feet Weekly News Story 1991 by stitchspike26
Tina Andrews Size 20 feet Weekly News Story 1991
Is this a real story? She looks like her feet may really be this big.

College co-ed Tina Andrews’ pals all call her Bigfoot—because she wears colossal size 20AAA shoes!


Tina’s titanic tootsies measure a whopping 15 inches in length. The Richmond, Va., teen’s feet are so big she has to have all her shoes, except for tennis shoes, custom made.


“Finding shoes to fit is definitely the biggest problem in my life.” said Tina, 19.


“It’s impossible to find dress shoes anywhere. I have to have them custom made. Athletic shoes are a little easier because sometimes I can find men’s tennis shoes to fit me, but even then, they’re usually too wide. I have a really narrow foot.”


The pretty blonde, who stands 5 foot 11 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds, has had big feet since the day she was born.


“Most babies wear a size 0 at birth but Tina wore a size 2,” said her mom Dorothy. “And they’ve been growing ever since. When Tina was in the third grade her friends started calling her Bigfoot because she wore a size 10, and the name stuck.”


When the big-footed youngster began ninth grade she was wearing a size 14 but by the time she graduated from high school she’d even outgrown her size 19 shoes.


Even though the good-natured teen has been teased most of her life about her gigantic feet, she doesn’t let it bother her.


“It used to bother me some when I was younger but not anymore.” said Tina, who’s very athletic and plays on her college basketball and softball teams. “For the most part, it’s all in fun. But there are some people who come up to me in public and make rude remarks like, ‘Do you have oars to paddle those boats?’ but I just ignore them.”


Tina’s parents and two sisters have normal size feet. And as far as the Andrews know, their daughter has the biggest feet of anyone in the family—aunts, uncles and cousins included.


“I remember that my grandmother had large feet but not as big as mine,” said Tina. “She only wore a size 15. And I have a male cousin who wears a size 16. Hopefully, my feet won’t get any bigger. They haven’t grown any in the last year so I think this is as big as they’ll get.”


crystal Ow! by stitchspike26
crystal Ow!
Coolhater's girl, glad to have the shoes off her hugemungous feet! Variant showing pain stars.
Crystal by stitchspike26
Coolhater's girl, glad to have the shoes off her hugemungous feet!


United States
This sums up what I draw. Sexy women taking off their shoes to relieve their aching feet. And boy, do their feet grow. Cartoons and comics that focus on this art along with pain, smell and tickling.

Please leave comments and write stories about the artwork. I want to get the ball rolling on this and need your help to grow this branch of foot-fetishism.

Love any points you care to share…
I added the bit of shoe tugging and other foot swelling to…

that I had done before I pulled the plug on a commissioned piece

I wanted to test the animation. I'm curious to know if anyone wants to fund it to completion?

There is also some roughs for the next comic, nudity and blowing a wad on huge stinky feet. The neat thing is that this comic can be turned into animation easily since it is in Flash.


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Just wrote my first foot growth/torture story, please check it out!
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BigFootGalLoverBoy Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015
Can I commission art for it?
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