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Girls trapped in the truck
The girls huge abused swollen feet throb in the enclosed space of the truck. They are sandwiched between the tender soles and crushed toes of their aching peds, and there is no more room for their hurting titanic tootsies to grow!

Cracks filled the surface of the windows from the intense pressure made by the inflating tissues of their expanding feet. Pink sole flesh was tightly mashed against the glass, with the occasional painted toenail slammed paper thin up to the windows. But to the girls dismay the glass held and did not offer the relief that free space would have offered the crushed matter of their spreading flesh. They would gladly trade the pain of razor sharp glass stabbing into their hurting feet over the devastating squashing every inch of foot was suffering in this glass and steel cage. All of it throbbed as blood vessels pumped harder, the tenderness increasing as the swelling got worse
They were sliding over the wet, tender spread of this pink flesh, bodies so tiny by comparison to the ton of aching muscle and bone each of their tortured feet had grown into. The ballooning foot flesh kept pitching them about like a solid wave of sweaty wrinkled silk. Throbbing more by every instant.
Overwhelming the disorienting feeling of being tossed about in the cyclone of tender muscle was the screaming desire to take their massive feet out of the constricted space of the truck. No matter how badly their bodies were being crushed or faces smothered by damp stinking foot flesh, the compressed tissues of their crushed feet hurt far worse.
As each girl was feeling about with both her hands and trapped feet she wanted to know what each piece of abused flesh she found was. It was hard to tell where one girl’s foot ended and the other one began. Everything felt like the same bloated and inflamed material. Every so often a girl could clutch enough surface of a foot to recognize it as belonging to her and wonder.
How could this vast muddle of pulpy meat be her foot? It was inhumanly large and formed by the shape of the truck, not nature. There seemed no way that the pink bloated and pounding foot could ever fit into a sexy stiletto heel again. Now and then something that could have been a toe slid past her groping fingers, but she only felt a small part of the digit, and it was far too painful to grab onto. Then the feeling of owning one of these giant tootsies would flee from her in a sea of foot ache.
Each girl could feel the others toned and fit figure swimming against the helpless substance of her expanded feet. Conducting a sense of pain and pleasure as each girl’s strugglesalternatively damaged or tickled the delicate flesh. It was weird, being able to feel their struggling bodies in the folds of their soles, hard nipples pressing against the rough spots on their foot-pads. Could this be a strange way to enjoy oneself, at the extreme end of agony.
Were the meridians of their poor feet, so monstrously enlarged, being stimulated by their movements producing a feeling of pleasure? The feeling of disgust mingled with the possibility of hedonistic tingling as the girls pressed harder into the yielding meat of their feet. Each of them was managing to form a tight cocoon of air around their faces and plump breast.
Big fat pads of toes slowly wriggled near them. Pulsing and swelling, barely under their control. Each girl cursed the other as they moved toes belonging to the others throbbing foot.
As they gently slid gigantic and aching toes aside the girls could see one another, wet and exhausted. They were overjoyed to see each-other alive, and inwardly, suffering as much as one another.
Each one had pain in her eyes, trying to hide the pinch she felt from her trapped feet. It was the same look given as women claimed that their tortuous shoes did not hurt their swollen and blistered feet. But this level of suffering was new, and the flesh of their inflated feet was getting pinched by the hinges of the doors.
I gotta get out of this truck, my feet are killing me.
Yeah, I need this vehicle in a size 4,000, extra wide.
Jokes might help alleviate their suffering. The girls engaged in some gallows humor about their feet, trying to take themselves out of the horrible reality they were in.
We can make a fortune stomping grapes at my uncle’s vineyard with these feet. They are a gold-mine!
At least this isn’t a crystal smart-car that our feet are squeezed into.
No, we are in a pumpkin coach made out of our own, engorged foot flesh.
Are you making fun of the orange spots on my soles?
This led to talk about the appearance of their feet, and eventually the pain they felt took them out of their temporary giddiness.
We could use our toes to prop up some of the spreading sole flesh and turn this cave of feet into a bouncing moon-walk.
I think I would die if someone stomped on my tender and wrecked feet, it hurts just thinking about it.
I’ll make sure that the next truck my feet grow to gigantic proportions in has a proper orthotic in place. And a padded seat just for my bunion.
Please don’t mention that bunion, its digging into the top of my right foot and it is pointy.
Ooh, yup this car is rather lacking in toe room. I could use some corn-pads the size of manhole covers.
My toes, they are the most painful part of my feet, mashed into hard and stiff steel. Grinding on my tender corns.
Both girls thought of how badly twisted their feet were in the tight space, where toes were crushed, pinched, bent and contorted into terrible positions.
Oh our poor feet, what are we going to do?
The truck hit a pot-hole, sending a wave of pain through their tortured feet.
We have to get this vehicle off our poor, suffering feet.
What are we going to do after that, my feet are not even human anymore. I cannot tell where my giant foot ends and your’s begins. It all just hurts so much. What am I going to do.
I know what you mean, only one of us can marry doctor Scholls.
It was frightening to think about what could be done for their condition, they had no idea that the witches potion would magically enable their feet to grow indefinitely. It also seemed to have made their feet indestructible, since much of the abuse inflicted on them should have torn them to pieces. But the lotion has also increased the sensitivity of their feet, giving them limitless suffering in the broken and swollen appendages. They seemed to have become a magnet for continuing abuse.
I do not care how our feet look, I just need to give them some space to grow into. Your big, pulsing soles and throbbing toes need more room to spread into. Other than into the tender and helpless meat of my excruciatingly sore feet I mean.
Oh every nail is ingrown, and each toe hammered that is pressing into the soft and beaten feet of your feet. I long for my pummeled digits to have ice on their delicate tips and aching joints.
We have to find the controls of the car somewhere hidden beneath the mass of our feet. They are so big and heavy, and I can’t move my poor toes.
All I feel is a tighter and tighter coffin that my feet are strangling in as my toes cry out in pain.
Our feet are really big right now, they need to swell up a lot more than this truck will give us. Look at how mashed each of our monster feet are against each-others. You can just make out the different colors of our flesh. I can feel your pulse they are so tightly packed into me.
I know, they are folded up like origami. Parts are crunched up and others stretched thin. Bony bits and lots of squishy masses. I just wish it did not hurt so much. it would feel so good to get our feet out of this tight truck and peel our intertwined feet and toes.
Every-time you move I have to suppress screaming it hurts so bad, lets just tend to the flesh of our abused feet.
I covet this

Pamela and Sakura's Strange Audition -- Sole Posing

  • Sakura have gone to a crazy audition! They've been told to run in track shoes until their poor feet are completely aching, but after that they can sit and relax and to their surprise their track shoes are peeled off and they can rest their poor tired tootsies. All very odd! But so relaxing to have their shoes off, their naked soles bared to the world. They immediately notice the difference in size between Pamela's enormous size 11s and Sakura's little Japanese size 7s. Their lots of sweet companionable talking about their feet as these smart, fun ladies flex their tootsies all around, giving you an amazing view. Their bare feet often tap and bump into each other as well, adding to the fun. Sole and foot comparison heaven!


United States
This sums up what I draw. Sexy women taking off their shoes to relieve their aching feet. And boy, do their feet grow. Cartoons and comics that focus on this art along with pain, smell and tickling.

Please leave comments and write stories about the artwork. I want to get the ball rolling on this and need your help to grow this branch of foot-fetishism.

Love any points you care to share…
I added the bit of shoe tugging and other foot swelling to…

that I had done before I pulled the plug on a commissioned piece

I wanted to test the animation. I'm curious to know if anyone wants to fund it to completion?

There is also some roughs for the next comic, nudity and blowing a wad on huge stinky feet. The neat thing is that this comic can be turned into animation easily since it is in Flash.


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.  Cherokee and Ms Gucci by bbwkofan  
I then said to myself my objective has changed.  I want to get a feel of that ass and have some time with her big feet.  So changed the name of the anvil from Cherokee to Ms Gucci literally. So stealthly followed Ms Gucci around the show floor just watching that big ol ass jiggle.  What a show.  Then came the moment I was waiting for.  She was all alone in an empty part of the Expo Hall.
Ms Gucci by bbwkofan  
 She needed a moment of privacy to let a loud smelly fart.  She said "oh that felt good I shouldn't have eaten that extra burrito for lunch, oh here comes another one.". This time she let out a louder and smellier fart than the first.  She then said "that felt good" just then she was about to walk back on the show floor.  She saw a shadow around her looked up and saw an anvil falling on her her eyes popped out of her heard she tried to run but it was too late.
Anvil Drop 2 by bbwkofan  
The anvil hit her squarely over the heblackHer eyes became all swirly she made a silly little grin stuck her pointer finger in the air and asked" anyone get the license plate of that truck oh look pretty blue birdies" just then blue birds started spinning around her head she stuck tongue out and her eyes turned into Xs.  She then fell back when she landed on her butt a loud boing sound could be heard she was in a sitting position and then fell all the way back on her back one of her flip flops fell off.  While she was on the ground drooling and snoring.  Now I had to figure out what to do with her next.  Even I couldn't just walk out Expo Center with a woman as big as Ms Gucci because there was way too many people. I looked around and noticed a medieval stock.  I said to myself" yeah that will work".  So I dragged her to the stocks and stood her up.  I went back for her flip flop that fell off before I could put it back in her foot I noticed that she was coming to so I BOPPED her over the head with the flip flop.  Stars started spinning around her head. I then put her flip flop on her foot and noticed her feet smelled kind of funky.  I enjoyed the smell but I didn't like the toe nail polish that she had on.  I then took a step back to get a better look at her.
Ms Gucci cuckoo by bbwkofan  
I said damn she looks so damn sexy in this position.  I had to go and smack her ass.  I said to myself "this will have to wait for later". I swatted away the stars the stars her eyes were pure white, pupils behind her head.  I put a pair of sunglasses to cover her eyes. Now I had do something about her loud snoring.  Then I had brilliant idea what's the best way to hide, in plain sight of course.  So I turned on the stock exhibit and she was going to be the star of the exhibit BBW in stocks is what I called it.  Then exhibit featured loud music to be sure our chubby sleepy head didn't wake up I hit over the head with a crow bar.  The the  noise from the speakers and crowd successfully drowned out her snoring.  The exhibit got a very big cowd and when I noticed that alot of people wanted to see a large woman in stocks I was able to charge for pictures, feels of her fat ass and of course people put small childern and midgets on her back.  I made a few thousand dollars.  As soon the crowds her gone I took her out of the stocks and lifted her over my shoulder.  I told perple that she was drunk and i going to ve her designated driver.  Of course along the way people wanted to feel her big ass so I charged for.  I got to my BMW and threw her in the trunk.  The way I had her in the truck her feet were danglIng outside of the trunk.  I pulled one of the back seats and rolled up the windows and had the stero off so I could enjoy her loud snores while I drive.   I reach my destination.  Played with her big feet for awhile and smacked her but for little while.  I then went to my good friend's Sue-Lingfe nail salon so she could do her feet nail polish I like.  Sue-Ling give her a full pedicure.  Sue-Ling complained to me "you always bring big sleepy lady with big smelly feet to me" I said "Sue Sue Sue baby I always pay you good right".  Sue-Ling said" yes your money always good here, but lady snore loud her loud snoring disturb all my customer.  I walked out and said "I love you Sue".  Just then Ms Gucci woke up dazed and confused with her foot in a Koren lady's hands.
Ms Gucci's Big Foot by bbwkofan  
Sue-Ling said " sleepy lady you have big stink feet"

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